“The care and quality that went into the food I've tried from Steingold's is second to none! Great bagels (hearty, chewy, a nice crust but still easy to chew!) and the meats and fish are outstanding. The Sister-in-Law sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had...easily in my top ten. 

Strong, individual flavors that don't over power each other, but pack a deliciously intense flavor with each bite!"


Catering Contact Info:

    To place a catering order, please fill the below form:


    or email or call us:   catering@steingoldsdeli.com(773661-2469

    Please place orders 24 hours in advance when possible (we'll do what we can with less time)

    48 hour advance required for large order of Lox

    Delivery time will be quoted with a 30 minute window